Blue Star Oven

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Item ID: 1549
Category: Cody's Collectables
Dimensions:30" Stove
Condition:Good, Used.
This high-performance cooking appliance boasts four sealed burners, each designed to provide a maximum cooking area for versatile culinary endeavors. The powerful 21,000 BTU burners ensure rapid heating, allowing for efficient and precise cooking at high temperatures. In contrast, a dedicated precise simmer burner offers the ability to delicately control lower heat settings, catering to dishes that require gentle cooking. The convection oven is thoughtfully designed to accommodate commercial-size sheet pans, making it an ideal choice for those who require ample baking space. Additionally, the appliance features an 1850u00b0 commercial-grade infrared broiler, delivering intense heat for perfect searing and browning. With a combination of powerful burners, precise controls, and a spacious oven, this cooking range is a professional-grade solution for culinary enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance in their kitchen.

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